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    Through the construction of “211 Engineering Project” and the first and second phases of “985 Engineering Project”, the school has achieved remarkable results in scientific research. In recent years, the faculty members have published 480 articles in the leading magazines and periodicals, such as "Economics dynamics", "China's industrial economy", "Nankai Management Review", "Economic Management", "Management Journal", and "China Management Science", 32 academic monographs and 45 textbooks. They have won more than 60 national and provincial awards on scientific research, of which there are 12 national awards, and over 40 provincial and ministerial ones. For example, Management Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center is awarded the Construction Unit of National Model Experimental Teaching Center; “Management” and “Network Marketing” was named national level courses; Professor Xu Xiangyi was named Model Teacher of Shandong Province, and won the Baogang Excellent Teacher Award by the Ministry of Education, and his "Government intervention and the market economic order" won the first prize of outstanding achievements of Shandong Province Soft Science, and "The Incorporating Restructuring of State-owned Enterprises" won the outstanding achievement award of the “100 Person Project" of Shandong Province Theory Talent; Professor Yang Huixin’s “Enterprises’ Entry and Exit and Industrial Organization Policy" won the China’s highest award on economics—“Sun Yefang Economics Award”, and her research projects has won the second prize of Outstanding Achievements on Humanities and Social Sciences granted by the Ministry of Education, the first prize of the Shandong Province Outstanding Achievements on Social Sciences, and the first prize of Shandong Province Soft Science Outstanding Achievements. She also obtained the title of the “outstanding talent of the new century” granted by the Ministry of Education; Professor Wang Xinyuan’s National Natural Science Foundation Project—“theoretic methods and case study on the creation and development of brand-name products and their strategic management” has been viewed as excellent research achievements by the State Natural Science Foundation Committee of China; Professor Ding Ronggui’s "the organization and stimulation of knowledge-type talent team" won the second prize of Shandong Province Scientific and Technological Progress, and he also obtained the title of the “outstanding talent of the new century”.