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SDU MBA Internship Base Founded in Shenzhen Newchabridge Communication

Pubdate£º2008-11-10 ¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡Views£º

MBA education centre of SDU held a signing and authorization ceremony for the SDU MBA Internship Base in Shenzhen Newchabridge Communication CO., LTD at 10:00 am, 10th November, 2008. This is the first internship base ever founded since SDU authorized the founding of SDU MBA Guangdong education and internship base. Professor Liu Hongwei, vice president of the School of Management and vice dean of MBA education center came to Shenzhen from Jinan especially for attending the ceremony with Yang Huixin, vice president and HuangLianbo, vice manager of Newchabridge Communication. Staff of SDU Guangdong education and internship, the employees of Newchabridge Communication and media personnel witnessed the significant moment together. This is an effort for MBA students to fulfill practice classes and cooperation research activities in Guandong province. 
  Manager Liu introduced the development of Shenzhen Newchabridge Communication CO., LTD in the ceremony, and vice president Liu Hongwei introduced the history of SDU, the cultivation characteristics of MBA and the establishment of MBA internship base. The signing and authorization ceremony was held in a friendly and ardent atmosphere. Afterwards vice president Liu Hongwei visited the production base of Newchabridge Communication in Shenzhen industrial district. 
  Shenzhen Newchabridge Communication CO., LTD is an advanced and new technology company operating in wireless terminal communication. The company pursues superexcellent quality, and takes self-branded GSM mobiles and terminal scenario design as its main business. Having gained “the top 10 excellent enterprises in Shenzhen” as a business in communication and manufacture industry, the company has become the leading enterprise of national brand. SDU has played an important role in cultivating talents and providing consulting services for the government and enterprises. The SDU MBA internship base founded in Shenzhen Newchabridge Communication CO., LTD aims at stimulating the teaching and learning research of the School of Management and mutual development between the two parties, achieving mutual supplement of advantages and sharing resources. SDU MBA education center will organize graduate senior MBA students to undertake internship and practice in Newchabridge Communication annually, at the same time, SDU will make full use of self-advantages to provide Newchabridge Communication with services such as customized classes, special topic lectures and employees training. In response to enterprises development, SDU will organize specialists and professors to accomplish the research on special topics and case study by cooperating with enterprises.