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MBAs of SDU outward bound in Shenzhen

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Choose Shenzhen MBA of SDU- Choose a new altitude in life


Rearward smile of Shenzhen MBAs of SDU, welcome the advent of friends

On the 11th, October, MBAs of SDU Outward Bound Camp hold at Shenzhen Roc Training Center as expected, MBAs and companions over 30 people got together at Parking Spot of the Fortune Square at right 7:40, everybody was enthusiastic on the way, expected the journey of outward bound.

Participants reached the outward bound center at about 9:00, prepared for grouping

The group Happy 365 showing their flag, and shouting the slogan Good good study, Day day up


The group Warrior Wolf is posing for photographs, isn’t it like wolf? Warrior Wolf-Nothing could be conquered

The first game step forward and backward together is processing intensely, the group Warrior Wolf repeatedly fought though repeatedly frustrated, finally all six results were invalid

 The coach shared experiences of gain on activities with team members, he analyzed the strategy of games, and employed the rules rationally, and attached much importance to organization and division of work, and the business war is alike.


Enjoy delicious meals, drinking some beers to cheer up

The outward bound of afternoon commenced as participants playing jigsaw puzzle

It’s important for MBAs to share experiences, coordinate benefits between the whole and some parts, and collaborate between division and combination

The high altitude game depend on each other for survival commenced as the members challenging themselves

Though a bit nervous, still some MBAs took the flag of SDU MBA to show in the air

Climb up as tumbled, never afraid of difficulties

Contact so intimately, isn’t it a different feeling?

Manifesto before dependent on each other; we definitely can!

The smiles of winners

SDU MBA- fly higher

The game Winning wall commenced, total time taken is 6 min and 40 sec, isn’t it a nice result?

The game snatch the flag is beginning, let’s show a pose

The game commenced as the rubber dinghy entered into water

Glorious though failed, participant Dai preferred snatching the flag to thoroughly getting wet, it’s worthwhile commending for his spirit 

The group Happy 365 striving for NO.1, winning by strategy, members snatched two flags in the finals

Enjoy marine foods by the water, enjoy themselves while cheering up, and then came back by the outward bound bus with joyful singing all over the way, it’s so memorable of the outward bound

All participants wear T-shirts printing with the motto of SDU, i.e., Noble in Spirit; Boundless in Knowledge

MBAs of SDU, achieve a higher altitude in life, and always striving for No. 1