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Delegation of Chung-Ang University, South Korea Visited Shandong University

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    A delegation of 23 people from Chung-Ang University, South Korea, led by Professor Hee Seok Bang, the dean of the College of Social Science in Chung-Ang University, made a five-day visit to Shandong University from October 31 to November 4, 2008. The School of Management took charge of arranging the visiting activities.

    In the evening of November 1st, the School of Management, on behalf of Shandong University, hosted a welcome banquet for the delegation. During the banquet, Professor Zuo Jinchao, the secretary of the school’s Party Committee delivered a warm welcome speech to the visitors. He introduced the history of Shandong University and the time-honored culture of Shandong province. Professor Jong Chul Lee, a representative of the delegation, gave a speech and expressed the delegates’ heartfelt thanks for the host’s hospitality.

    In the morning of November 3rd, the delegates had a meeting with the leaders from the Academic Division and the International Office of SDU. Two parties exchanged opinions on issues of collaboration between two universities. In the afternoon, a seminar was held for students in Sino-South Korea Logistics Cooperation program in the reporting room of ShaoYifu Science Building. Professor Hee Seok Bang, Choong Bae Lee and Jong Chul Lee from Chung-Ang University and Professor Zhizong Peng from the School of Management, Shandong University gave presentations respectively. After the presentations, students had an active dialogue with Korean professors on the issues of studying in Chung-Ang University.

    The delegates also visited Tsingtao Harbor, Hisense Group and Heavy Duty Truck Group and got general information about the current development of Chinese businesses. They went to the scenery and historical sites such as Mount Tai for on-site research as well and enjoyed the elegant sceneries and profound culture of Shandong.

    The visiting activities came to an end on the 4th of November. The Korean delegation’s visit has promoted the collaborative relationship between Shandong University and Chung-Ang University.


Pic.1 Experts Group in the seminar

Pic.2 Professor Hee Seok Bang in the School of Social Science of Chung-Ang University, South Korea