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Brief Introduction to the School

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Shandong University is a comprehensive university with a long history and is entitled HEI under the Ministry of Education in China.
  The development of management education in Shandong University can be divided into four stages: Commerce, National Economy Management, Business Administration and Science of Management. In its early establishment, Shandong University set up the discipline of Commerce. In 1980 the National Economy Management was established for the sake of reform. The predecessors of School of Management are the Department of Management Science, Shandong University and the Department of Engineering Management, Shandong Industrial University. The School of Business Administration, Shandong University came into existence in 1994 and was renamed School of Management in 1999. So did the School of Management, Shandong Industrial University in the same year. At the turn of the new century, after the successful mergence between the former Shandong University and former Shandong Industrial University, the existing School of Management came into being under the supervision of new Shandong University.
  In the 21st century, management education in Shandong University has entered a new development stage.
  The discipline configuration and talent training system are gradually perfected. The school consists of 2 doctor degree programs (Enterprises Management, Management Science and Engineering), 7 master degree programs (Enterprises Management, Management Science and Engineering, Accounting, Tourism Management, Technology Economy and Management, Science of Library and Informatics), 13 bachelor degree programs, which cover three first category disciplines, namely Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Management of Library and Files. The school still offers three professional master degree programs: Master of Engineering, Master of Business Administration and Master of Program Management. The school has more than 6,000 students and is the largest one of the university.
  The school has built a complete academic team with co-operating closely between young and old, China and abroad. The school has more than 130 faculty members, including 26 professors and 70 associate professors, with over 70 having doctor degree. In addition, a considerable number of scholars, experts, and entrepreneurs with rich knowledge and experience are invited as part-time professors.
  The academic standard is promoting. As “Economy Management Research Base of Shandong Province”, the school plays a key role in management research and consultation for the governments agencies and enterprises as well. In recent years, more than 1100 pieces of articles are issued in the major academic journals home and abroad; approximately 100 textbooks and academic works published; over 80 national, provincial or ministerial projects undertaken, over 60 of which win the prizes awarded by the provincial or ministry organizations.
  The school also focuses on the academic communication and coordination with universities around the world. In recent years, we have built close relationship with the universities and colleges in the u.s., Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Taiwan of China. A lot of visiting scholars from the U.S., Japan, Korea, and most prestigious domestic universities and celebrated entrepreneurs from giant businesses are invited to deliver academic speeches and share their careers and experiences with our faculty and students. We hosted a number of “International Management Forum” and the “Grand-General Senior Management Forum”. Students on several occasions are sent to South Korea, Japan, Australia, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong and other universities and enterprises to visit, study, or attend academic conferences.
  We aim at cultivating management talents, improving teaching quality, enhancing academic building, providing opportunities for staff, and creating an ideal environment for teaching and research.