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           Delegation of Chung-Ang University, South Korea Visited Shandong University
           Professor Geoffrey Wall Made an Academic Visit to the School of Management
           A Delegation of School of Management Visited Universities in North America
           SDU MBA Internship Base Founded in Shenzhen Newchabridge Communication
           MBAs of SDU outward bound in Shenzhen
           The Opening Ceremony for the 8th President Class Held on November 6
           The School of Management Holds an Evening Gala to Welcome New Students
           Students Conduct an Investigation into State-owned Enterprise Reform in Rizhao C
           Words from Dean
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Words from Dean

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Shandong University, founded in 1901, is an important cradle for China’s higher education and occupies an important position in cultural and scientific education. During the past 100 years, Shandong University has formed a profound and modern cultural atmosphere by drawing the culture of Qilu and advocating the education tenet of academic freedom and compatibility.
  Being one of the earliest universities who initiated the education of management after the Reform and Opening-up, Shandong University began its education of management in the late 1970s. In spite of its short history of less than 30 years, School of Management can catch up with the paces of the society and achieve an all-round development in disciplinary construction, talents training, faculty, scientific research and academic communication and coordination around the world by adhering to the motto “noble spirit, boundless knowledge” and making full use of globalization, informationalization and the rapid growth of domestic economy. Today, with 6,000 students, the School of Management of Shandong University is one of the biggest schools with 2 doctor degree programs, 7 master degree programs and 3 professional master degree programs, namely, Master of Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, and Project Management, as well as 13 bachelor degree programs.
  In the past 30 years, we have been devoted to the mission of being rigorous and realistic in instruction and cultivation, upholding truth and serving society. We aim to cultivate the competitive and creative talents with rich personality, sense of social responsibility, and psychological health. To be efficient and practical, our working style, we try our best to create harmonious academic atmosphere, to contribute ourselves to cooperative, innovative, and enterprising teamwork, and to build an academic team mainly of young talents co—operating closely between China and abroad. With this, the School of Management will go on with its splendor and create out of itself a top-ranking school!